World Cricket Championship 3 APK

World Cricket Championship 3 APK

World Cricket Championship 3 APK is the most famous version in the World Cricket Championship 3 APK series of publisher Nextwave Multimedia

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Apr 21, 2022
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You can experience the best cricket matches by downloading the World Cricket Championship 3 APK. Are you interested in purchasing that trophy for the championship? Conquer all of your adversaries and take the prize right away.

Regarding the third World Cricket Championship

Following the enormous success of, Nextwave Multimedia is hard at work developing World Cricket Championship 3, making numerous alterations to the game’s layout and incorporating many new features. Now that it has finally been released, the third instalment of this well-known video game series can be downloaded by everybody who has been patiently waiting for it.


The gameplay has been modified significantly from the last iteration of the WCC series, among other changes. In World Cricket Championship 3, you are in charge of choosing your team and assigning its members to certain positions on the field. After that, the referee will flip a coin to determine which team will be the primary attacker. If you are the one that wins the priority, you get to control the batter and check out to try to hit the ball into the three pillars that your opponent has. Your squad will earn three points for every successful attack that it launches.

However, you should realise that it is not simple to record this score because the gaming of the sport involves a lot of different twists and turns. You need to maintain order among the players who occupy the many different positions, such as pitcher, runner, and batsman. The force that you simply click on is going to make it difficult for teammates to move the ball back and forth to one another, which will be detrimental to the game. If you are able to keep your balance while using the blue force, the ball will be transferred accurately, and you may even score points directly. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing possession of the ball and going back into defence. Because there are only three rounds in each match in World Cricket Championship 3, there are not many opportunities for errors, slowness, or inaccuracy. This is because each match is only three minutes long.

Upgrade your squad

This is an alternative feature that was included in the third iteration of the planet Cricket Championship series that I explained earlier. The victorious outcome is determined in part by the player’s control skills; the remaining portion is contingent on the players themselves, specifically how they engage with the ball while it is in play. If their ability is strong enough, they will be able to run faster, make a significantly better pass, or throw the ball further. Participate in the upgrading if you want the overall quality of your team’s players to improve.

Every participant will have access to two distinct sets of skills, namely Fielding and Batting. Each ability encompasses a wide range of additional skills and capabilities, such as precision, dodging, speed, catching the ball, throwing speed, a safe hand, and recovery speed, among many more. They have a direct impact on the overall performance of your team within the sector. When you put it in perspective like that, if your team has sufficient strength, healthiness, and good skills, you have a tonne of advantages over your competitors.

When analysed from a particular angle, this update reveals itself to be essential. Because once you win enough matches to advance to the championship event’s later stages, your adversaries will be more skilled and have more tournament experience. If the team is unbalanced, it will be difficult to continue the journey.


There are many different game modes available in WCC 3, such as tournament styles, rapid play, challenge a lover, batting rivals, championship, and most recently, online rivals. Instead of competing against computer-controlled opponents, you will now have the opportunity to compete against real people using the same platform. Your accomplishments will be supported by the matches that are automatically matched. Because there is such a large community surrounding cricket, the competition is going to get really interesting.


Because they are always adding new competitions and events, it is clear that Nextwave Multimedia is committed to both the quality of the products they create and the whole experience they provide for its customers. Every encounter will present its own unique challenges and opportunities for you to take advantage of. You will need to overcome new obstacles in order to unlock various bonuses and precious gifts. If you do so, you will be rewarded abundantly.


The World Cricket Championship 3 uses a sharp 3D platform for its graphics’ development. You have clearly appreciated the convenience of the images in part 2. The cheers and emotions shown on each member of each squad still accurately portray the characters, and as a result, the matches. The viewing angle, on the other hand, has been slightly altered. It has been positioned slightly further away from you in order to cover a larger area.

The sport has the same basic layout for its webpage as before. You can investigate new game modes, features, and events by dragging to the side of the screen. Moreover, there is a photo of every player on your squad that is displayed on the screen. Does one get a sense of their togetherness and their resolve?

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In esports mode as a host now you can set the number of wickets on your choice
Minor bug fixes

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